Process After a Car Accident

56Do not leave the Scene

Proceeding a car accident, it is important to not leave the scene of the accident until fitting. If you leave the scene of the accident, and any individuals have been injured or killed, there is a possibility you will be facing severe criminal penalties for being a hit and run driver.

Check Up on All Drivers and Passengers

Prior to determining the property damage, be assured that all individuals involved in the accident are okay. If any individuals involved in the accident have been injured, it is important to pursue medical attention. If an injured individual is suffering from neck or back pain, do not move them unless a hazard requires moving the individual, qualified medical help will move the patients otherwise.

Call the Police Immediately

It is crucial to call the police if there has been any physical injury, death, or any property damage. It is important to obtain the name and badge numbers of the officers that have arrived at the scene of the car accident.

Exchange Information

Subsequently following the prior steps you must then exchange information with the other car and drivers.

New Wrong Way Signs Show Promise in Preventing Injuries

parI frequently write about the various offenses for which one can be issued a traffic ticket and the consequences that result from them. I do this because I want to help as many people as I can who get traffic tickets to receive a just outcome. I take that responsibility very seriously; after all, this is my job. I would, however, also like to inform other Florida drivers about various subjects that I come across, whether that be new traffic laws, changes to DUI and drug laws, or about the causes and effects of driving behaviors.

There are myriad driving behaviors that result in traffic accidents. Most of these accidents do not end up in injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved. Unfortunately, a large number of these crashes do result in injuries and deaths every year. We hear or read about them on a nearly daily basis. All accidents are investigated by various law enforcement agencies, especially when a death occurs. Often, accidents that result in a fatality are attributed to speeding, driving while under the influence, or reckless driving.

There is, however, a

Cops Are Not Buying It

ryMaybe I have become jaded after working in the field of traffic law for so long, yet it fails to surprise me how easy it is to get a speeding ticket. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, for many of my clients because just about every client I speak with regarding a speeding ticket seems shocked. Consequently, I often hear exclamations like, “But I was just keeping up with traffic,” or “Well, there were other drivers who were going faster than I was.” Rarely does a client show up at my office who says, “Yeah, man. I was flyin’.”

The problem with these types of justifications is that law enforcement agencies just don’t care. They are there to do a job, and writing speeding tickets is one of the primary responsibilities of that job. As such, they hear every excuse possible, the most frequent of which are ‘just keeping up with traffic’ or ‘I’m late for work.” Consequently, they have become inured to what may seem to the driver like a perfectly reasonable explanation for exceeding the speed limit. This is especially true

Driving in the Rain in Florida – Don’t Panic

wrRain is just a part of South Florida living. If it weren’t for the volume of the precipitation that we get, this area would not be as lush and beautiful as it is, and it wouldn’t draw the thousands of transplant residents and tourists that it does. Unfortunately, it seems to create panic in a lot of our drivers.

We have all seen this happen. One minute traffic seems to be humming along just fine, then four fat raindrops fall and brake lights start lighting up like Christmas decorations in Times Square. We get A LOT of rain here. Whether its hurricane season or just another of the thunderstorms which seem to occur daily, the chances of you having to drive in wet weather are great. In fact, it happens so frequently that some of us barely even notice these storms anymore.

It is no coincidence that there are so many traffic accidents during or just after a rainstorm. Invariably one of two things happen. Either many drivers have a knee-jerk reaction and start slamming on their brakes, while many others fail to adjust their driving

Beverly Hills Now Has Red Light Cameras

stWhile most cities in California have stopped issuing red light camera tickets, Beverly Hills is just starting to use them. And the California legislature is considering outlawing them altogether.

These tickets seem hard to fight – because they have your picture driving your car running a red light! In addition, the fine is really expensive at about $500.

Now that California changed the rules and you no longer have to pre-pay your fine in order to fight a traffic ticket in California you need to know if it is worth fighting one of these tickets.

It is possible to fight a camera ticket. First, note that the light was yellow when you crossed the near side limit line. The automated enforcement notice you received provided two data boxes with information about the alleged offense. One of these boxes indicates a record of how long the light was red before your vehicle passed over certain embedded sensors in the road. The relevant section of the Vehicle Code mentions the limit line only and makes no mention of embedded sensors.

If you know you crossed the limit line on yellow

Key Pointers of Hiring an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

rwwGetting entitled to a justified compensation for the accidental injuries is the best solution to overcome the severe aftermath of an accident. Filing for an injury lawsuit in the court helps to get a legal verdict of the suffered damages. However, ascertaining the amount of compensation is a crucial task and for doing that, it is ideal to take professionalized help. Hence, as the ideal course of action, hiring a reputed lawyer enables the injured person to deal with the court proceedings in the systematic way.

Estimating the Compensation Amount

While calculating the compensation amount, a skilled lawyer minutely examines all the expenses and damages suffered by the victim. The key points related to it are:

• Medical Expenses: This kind of expenses mainly includes the ambulance fees, doctor visits, hospital visits, cost of medicines, in-home care services and many more.

• Pain and suffering: It includes the physical and mental distress due to the injuries.

• Lost wages: This includes any kind of lost work or wages because of the accident and health-care appointments.

• Loss of earning capacity: It refers to the loss of ability to work in

Traffic Congestion Impacts Economic Growth

reeSouth Florida is notorious for its traffic congestion, as anyone who has ever visited here has experienced first-hand. This is a stone-cold fact for those of us who live here and who have to slog through a morass of motor vehicles everyday while insufflating the collective miasma of noxious fumes they create. That is just a part of the South Florida lifestyle that many of us have become used to dealing with, right? (Not that it makes it an enjoyable part of life.)

More than just simple congestion, gridlock – generally referring to a vehicle or vehicles that get stuck in a traffic intersection as a result of stationary surrounding traffic – is a chronic problem in many South Florida cities. It is, therefore, a situation we all have surely found ourselves in at one time or another in our driving careers. In South Florida, however, it seems to have taken on an expanded meaning.

The term is often used conversationally to imply the hindrance of progress of any type; however, over the last few years, many cities in our fair region seem to be suffering

What Can a Traffic Lawyer Do for You

r44Driving in the US is a both a rewarding and disciplining experience. The various laws governing safe and responsible use of highways are enforced strictly, and it is never a good idea to break even minor laws such as using a carpool lane as a normal passing lane. Follow all road signage, stop the car fully when directed, and do not honk unnecessarily- some cities forbid the use of horns. Additionally, it is vital that your vehicle is insured, since court penalties for even minor damages and scrapes can be exceedingly high.

That being said, let’s go over some of the basic driving laws in America.

Right handed driving

All traffic drives on the right side of the road, that is, the left side is reserved for overtaking. This ought to be easy enough for most people from Europe and several Asian countries, but can be quite confusing for those not used to this rule. Although rules for turning at junctions may sound confusing, simply follow the signs – RIGHT LANE, MUST TURN RIGHT, means just that. Remember to signal while changing lanes, even though few Americans

What Are the Typical Cases Handled by a Traffic Lawyer

laOne of the turning points in a young person’s life is the moment when he/she learns to drive. This signifies a transition to adulthood, responsibilities, and of course, the freedom and independence of having a vehicle. Driving is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced constantly. It is not enough to merely have a working knowledge of how to run the vehicle, it is vital to be fully informed of the rules of the road as well. Everyday roads in nearly every part of the globe are teaming with cars, some roads more than others, as evidenced by the traffic jams.

Driving Experience Level

Each of these cars is being commandeered by a driver with his or her own experience level. How different are each person’s driving style, really? There are two kinds of drivers according to studies:

  1. there are those take the education very seriously and earn their driving license, and end up being expert defensive drivers who are apt in avoiding accidents;
  2. and there are those individuals who seem to have a range of minor or major accidents every now and then. Some folks

What Can a Traffic Lawyer Do for You

traWhenever you are having problems with the law, it is crucial to find a lawyer that will best suit your particular needs, to have a better chance of winning your court case; at the same time, you can avoid paying a heavy fine, among other penalties, or – if you are aiming for this – you can get a compensation for yourself. You will need a criminal layer for criminal court cases, while for divorce settlement, you will need a divorce lawyer.

The Type of Lawyer To Choose

It is extremely important to select the right type of lawyer that will be fit for the particular area of law involved in your case. This way, you can be sure that this lawyer has enough significant experience and expertise to help you in winning your case – which is better than having a wide range of knowledge that has less depth.

Role of Traffic Lawyers

When it comes to parking tickets and disputes over car accidents, traffic lawyers can provide help in these circumstances. In case you are caught speeding or violating a traffic rule, but you believe that

Street Racing A Dangerous Pastime

defThe Fast and the Furious movie franchise has achieved a status of popularity that I am sure far exceeds the expectations of everyone involved in the making of these films. The producers of these movies may have had an inkling that they would be doing a sequel, but I doubt it ever occurred to them that there would be seven of these films made over the course of 14 years with an eighth in the series set to be released in 2017.

Fast cars, competition, drama, excitement, attractive men and women – these movies definitely have something to offer a vastly diverse audience. There is, however, one common element in each of them, and that is the exhilaration brought on by speed. Of course, this franchise is not the first time there has been mass exposure to the concept of street racing. It has been a core theme in many Hollywood productions such as Grease, Death Race 2000, and Cannonball Run, among others.

Street racing is not a new phenomenon, by any stretch of the imagination; however, we do seem to hear about it much more

Construction Zone Traffic Laws

buInstagramming photos, snapchatting, emailing and texting, these actions are all completed with the help of a smartphone. And according to the Pew Research Center, 56 percent of American adults own a smartphone. This means that these individuals are also of the driving age. Given this high percentage of smartphone ownership paired with American’s high car ownership rates, there’s a good chance that many of these individuals have participated in texting while driving at some point in time.

Given the pervasive influence technology now has on most people’s lives, it now seems that it has become a relevant issue when debating the severity of texting and driving vs. drinking and driving. This debate is a daily concern because both activities have greatly impacted the amount of car accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to serious car accidents involving fatalities. While drinking and driving has been banned by all 50 U.S. states, there has not been a law for texting and driving that extends to every state.

Texting Vs. Drinking Alcohol – Which is More Dangerous While Driving?

The imbalance in the way that national laws treat these two

A Few Reasons Why I Like My Job

juWay back when, when people started tooling around in those crazy “horseless carriages,” it quickly became apparent that some measure of control needed to be implemented for the betterment, not to mention the safety, of society. This led to the implementation of laws that were specifically designed to address driving and the hazards that it can present. Although this system was intended to be based upon the general idea that those accused are innocent until proven guilty, that is not always the case when it comes to traffic law.

Subsequent changes in the laws that govern driving have occurred since those early days and have regrettably led to frequent abuses of power among various law enforcement agencies. These abuses can run the gamut from an unwarranted traffic stop to being bullied by officers simply because they carry a gun and a badge. Even if a driver only commits a slight infraction of the law, often police officers will pull them over and look for other issues for which they can issue traffic citations or even elicit arrests. Sometimes this happens if there is just the

Traffic Accident: What’s Next?

trThere is not much that you will encounter on the roadways that can be as frightening as having a traffic accident. No one ever expects it so that in itself is startling, but if the traffic accident is significant, one look at a totaled vehicle that you were riding in only moments before can be quite sobering. This is why you will often see such distress on the faces of those who have just experienced an accident. Even once the initial adrenaline created from the fear of injury subsides, the sensory overload that an accident victim experiences doesn’t end there. Next, he or she must work through the emotion brought on by the realization that the chaos has only just started. This is when a little direction as to what you should do next can be invaluable.

First things first – make sure that everyone in any of the vehicles that are involved are not injured. Obviously, if anyone has sustained injuries, call 9-1-1. Even if no one is injured, you will need to call law enforcement to the scene of the accident. You need

Let the Speeding Tickets Roll

gffSummer break – for children, it’s the time of year that seems to never come soon enough, and once here, fades all too quickly. For those residents who grew up in Florida, it is easy to recollect long, sweltering days and waiting with bated breath for the revitalizing hint of a tropical breeze. Afternoon thunderstorms would arise suddenly, cooling the days ever so slightly, and raising steam off of scorched pavement that only moments before toasted the bare feet of children playing freely in close-knit neighborhoods.

If you were lucky enough to have a friend with a swimming pool, they were a godsend. You made sure not to let any of the myriad spats that can so easily pepper childhood friendships flare up, lest you not be invited to go swimming. Yep, those were the kids with whom you wanted to nurture friendships. Hey, it may sound selfish, but Florida summers can be brutal, especially if your parents insisted that you “go play outside.”

Well, summers haven’t changed in Florida, but now kids are offered a plethora of video games, summer camps, and a growing tendency

A Complete Guide On Understanding Driving Under The Influence Laws

lThe laws consider driving under the influence to be absolutely offensive. However, commoners do not understand its seriousness, severity and implications. It is just not enough to comprehend the laws well in order appeal this conviction but you also need to hire a good and experienced DUI attorney in order to succeed. If I is your first time being charged with DUI then it can be very difficult understand the law and even more tiresome finding a good attorney. Whatever your situation underestimating the severity of the law and misjudging the time required for a successful appeal can lead to damaging consequences.

A breath analysis test is conducted when you are suspected to be driving under influence. This process is called as the breathalyzer test. Since every citizen has his own rights, you can choose to not take the test however your refusal can be used as evidence against you in court. There is no law stating that the refusal to take the breathalyzer test indicates admission of guilt, however it does lead to suspicion and therefore taken against you.

The alcohol level in your blood

Construction Zone Traffic Laws

rewIn order to prepare for increased motor traffic during the summer months, the state of Missouri has already started increasing levels of construction and maintenance road work.

There are several important traffic laws to reiterate to drivers to keep everyone safe during this construction season.

Making Merging Move Faster

Merging lanes of traffic on a highway or interstate can be very frustrating for drivers, especially during rush hours and in dense traffic areas. The best way to merge when the roadways are not busy is to merge into the open lane as soon as warning signs start to appear. However, in very congested traffic areas, it is much more efficient to merge in a zipper form at the destination of the merge area in order to reduce traffic build up.

Endangering a Highway Worker

The Highway Work Zone Law was implemented to regulate the crime of endangering a highway worker. If any person creates an offense that endangers a highway worker, but does not injure or take the life of the worker, a maximum fine of $1,000 and four points will be added to the driver’s license.

If the

DWIs Versus DUIs and Other Tickets

4ggIt is scientifically proven that any amount of alcohol consumption affects your coordination, mental thought process, and reaction time, which all affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Many states, including the state of Missouri, have a zero tolerance law that strictly mandates how the police handle certain situations.

What does Zero Tolerance Mean?

A zero tolerance law means that anyone pulled over driving a vehicle whose blood-alcohol level is over the legal limit – in Missouri’s case of .08% – will automatically be charged with a criminal ticket.

This law also severely penalizes anyone under the legal age of 21 caught driving under any percent influence of alcohol or drugs. Anyone under 21 who receives this charge could automatically lose their license and be required to go to traffic school.

The Different Offenses

When charged with this offense, there are several different terms that could be used on your criminal ticket. These are: DWI, which stands for Driving While Intoxicated; DUI, which means Driving Under the Influence; and DUID, which stands for driving under the influence of drugs.

Although each of these charges is fairly similar to

Self-Driving Car on the Road

feFor most, any time you open a web browser the first thing that you do is Google something. For the last 17 years, Google has had a part in innovating search engines, productivity software, and social networking. Google’s latest endeavor is the creation of the self-driving car. Some people are excited with the idea and some others are not so trusting about it.

Since its announcement in 2012, the self-driving car has been a major topic amongst drivers and pedestrians alike. One of the ideas behind this creation is to take away the car accident related factor of human error; another is to give people chance to be more productive while in commute. Recently Google and Ford Motor Company have agreed to work together on this project and have successfully used a self-driving car to navigate through snowy streets in the northern United States.

However, what does all this mean for the rest of the United States? According to reports there are well over 200,000 car accidents in the southern states every year and there are over 6,000 deaths per year as a result. If tests

When to Execute a Legal U-Turn

ftMaking a wrong turn or going the wrong way when traveling is almost inevitable. However, knowing when it is legal to make a U-turn – a turn that results in a vehicle reversing its direction of travel – can become quite the challenge.

State Laws

Most states have different rules and laws that regulate this type of turn, making it difficult to know when it is acceptable and when it is not acceptable to execute a U-turn when traveling from state to state.

Safe does not Mean Legal

Most people assume that unless otherwise stated or prohibited – for example by a sign depicting an illegal U-turn symbol – executing a U-turn in a safe, open part of a highway or freeway is legal as long as the vehicle making the turn does not endanger anyone else on the road. Unfortunately, signs that explain the legality of executing a U-turn in a certain area are usually not prominently displayed, if they even exist at all.

To make this law more complicated, states often have regulations that permit local governments to further define the legality of a U-turn in its